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2.84.130 Trees, Shrubs, and Flowers

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2.84.130 Trees, shrubs, and flowers

A. Trees and shrubs.

1. The planting of trees and shrubs will not be permitted without the permission of the city forester/cemetery manager. Any tree or shrub maintenance or removal shall be performed by the city at city expense and under the direction of the city forester.

2. The cemetery manager shall accept donations from individuals requesting the planting of trees as living memorials. All costs related to the purchase shall be paid by the donator. The city shall plant and maintain the donated trees. The cemetery manager/city forester shall determine the appropriate site, and the species and size of tree to be donated.

B. Flowers. Special regulations.
1. Displays of flowers in sections D, I, J, and K of Lakeview and sections N and O of Forest Hill shall be in a single pedestal type urn, which shall be set at the backside or side of the markers in straight rows. The metal pedestal pole shall not exceed 2 inches in diameter and shall be painted green. The distance from the bottom of the urn holder to the top of the marker border shall be 22 inches, and the urn shall be round and not less than 10 inches nor more than 14 inches in diameter.

C. Flowers - General regulations.
1. Fresh cut flowers may be placed anytime and will remain until, in the judgment of the cemetery manager, they become unsightly. Containers for cut flowers shall be of a type that is level with the ground and can be disposed of when the flowers are removed.

2. Individual flowerbeds of growing plants may be allowed if maintained at a reasonable size and only with the approval of the cemetery manager. If these are not maintained and/or become unsightly, they will be removed by the city.

3. Potted plants may be set on lots with the approval of the cemetery manager. They will be removed if they are not maintained and/or have become unsightly.

4. No living plant within the cemetery will be removed, cut, or transplanted without the approval of the cemetery manager. 2.84.140--2.84.160

D. Other decorations.

1. Artificial plants and flowers must be in a vase or pot and will be treated as a potted plant.

2. Wreaths may be placed between November 15 and March 15 only.

3. All other artificial decorations, such as, statues, dolls, birdfeeders, toys, and plant hangers are prohibited unless approved by the cemetery manager. (Ord. 6258 º9, 2002; Ord. 5558 º10, 1995; Ord. 3123 ºI(part), 1970; Prior code º13.25 Rule I L).

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