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2.84.110 Monuments and Markers

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2.84.110 Monuments and markers

A. Grave markers and foundations shall be set only by the monument company according to regulations specified by the city. Except as herein otherwise provided, under no conditions will the city construct monument or marker bases or erect monuments or markers on bases. The city reserves the right to require the construction of a foundation of such size, material, and design as will provide ample insurance against settlement or injury to the stone work. The top of the concrete foundation shall be constructed flush with the ground line. All monuments and markers shall be set on a cement foundation that provides for a 5-inch border around the monumentation. A permit shall be available from the office of the cemetery manager.

B. All national and state markers that cannot be set by a monument company at a reasonable fee will be set by the city at cost. The setting of monuments, stones, and markers and the transportation of all tools, materials, etc., within the cemetery ground shall be subject to the supervision and control of the cemetery manager. Unless special arrangements are made with the cemetery manager, such work shall be conducted between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, except on national holidays. Whenever possible, at least 24 hours notice shall be given to the cemetery manager that said work is to take place. Heavy trucking will not be permitted within the cemetery when, in the opinion of the cemetery manager, such work may cause damage to the driveways. Except when special permission is obtained, all work as outlined above shall be completed and debris removed immediately.

C. Two markers may be set on a single grave space if approved by the cemetery manager. One of these markers must be a flush or foot marker. Monuments will be allowed on single grave spaces if they complement the appearance of the surroundings and are set on a plate that is no greater than 40 inches in length. Only 2 markers will be allowed on a grave space, one of which shall be flush with the ground and of a size that meets the approval of the cemetery manager. The city reserves the right to refuse the placement of any marker or monument that the cemetery manager feels affects the good appearance of the cemetery grounds or adversely affects the maintenance of said grounds. More than one cremains may be buried in a single grave space.

D. Monument specifications. In sections L, M, N, and O of Forest Hill and I and J of Lakeview a minimum of 2 graves spaces must be purchased. The base of all monuments shall be above ground, between 42 inches and 48 inches in length and no wider than 14 inches. The die/tablet thickness shall be between 6 inches and 8 inches. The size of the monument and/or stonework must be given to the cemetery manager and approved before said work will be permitted on a lot. All monuments must be set in line with other monuments so far as possible as directed by the cemetery manager.

E. Grave marker specifications. In lots where grave markers are specified, the maximum height shall be 16 inches, the maximum length shall be 54 inches on double lots and 30 inches on single lots and the maximum width shall be 14 inches.
51 (Eau Claire 6/2002)


F. Flush marker specifications. In lots where flush markers are specified, the maximum length shall be 54 inches on double lots and 30 inches on single lots and the maximum width shall be 14 inches. The markers and borders shall be even with the existing grade.

G. Private estate crypt special conditions. Because of the numerous styles of private crypts, special conditions concerning their construction and installation apply. The monument company shall submit a written proposal to the cemetery manager for consideration of each individual crypt. This proposal shall contain a design of the crypt to include base and footing designs, construction materials to be used, color of exterior granites, warranty information, installation schedules, and the number of lots requested. Lot sale transactions with the future deed holder shall be concluded prior to crypt installation. The cemetery manager shall determine the appropriate number of lots to be purchased for each crypt.

H. Because of the various styles of veterans plaques and markers available and also the multiple options for mounting same, the cemetery manager shall determine acceptable applications.

I. Monument, grave marker (flat, bevel, or slant), flush marker, and private estate crypt lot regulations shall be indicated in the Rules and Regulations Pamphlet for each cemetery.

J. Stone work or monument work, once placed on a foundation, shall not be removed, except by permission of the cemetery manager.

K. The lot must be paid in full or other assurance given of payment before markers and monuments are set.

L. Temporary markers shall be removed at the end of 6 months and replaced with a permanent marker within one year.

M. No person shall erect, construct, or install in any cemetery a candle or fuel-powered device which is designed and intended to produce a memorial flame for a continuous and indefinite period. This section shall not prohibit any such candle or device that has been installed and is in operation prior to the effective date of this section. (Ord. 6258 º7, 2002; Ord. 5558 º8, 1995; Ord. 4744, 1987; Ord. 4682, 1986; Ord. 3958 º1, 1979; Ord. 3123 ºI(part), 1970; Prior code º13.25 Rule I H).

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