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2.84.090 Interments

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2.84.090 Interments

A. All interments shall be made in a permanent outer container that shall not be constructed of wood.

B. All graves shall be dug by the city under the direction of the cemetery manager. Depth of graves shall conform to the Wisconsin State Board of Health specifications. A charge for opening and closing a grave including the sodding and seeding of the plot will be made at a current rate set by the city. Said charge for opening of a grave, removal of excess material, refilling and sodding shall be paid within a reasonable period of time but not to exceed one hundred twenty days.

C. No burial will be permitted until a legal burial transit permit has been presented to the cemetery manager. The interment of bodies of persons who have died of contagious disease shall be in strict accordance with the rules of the State Board of Health.

D. The lot owner or funeral director shall designate on the interment form the location of the graves on the lot to the cemetery manager and any change of location made after the opening of a grave has begun shall be at the expense of the lot owner. When definite information for locating a grave is not available thirty-six hours prior to grave preparation to meet the time requested for interment, the cemetery may exercise its best judgment in making a location in order that the requested time for interment may be met. The cemetery assumes no responsibility for any error or inconvenience of such location and an additional charge will be made for nay change requested.

E. The cemetery manager or his agent shall whenever possible be given thirty-six hours' notice to assure the opening and preparation of a grave prior to interment. Banning unforeseen or other untoward circumstances such grave shall be opened and prepared in time for interment.
(Eau Claire 6/2002) 50


F. When several burials occur in a one or two day period, these burials may be scheduled at the discretion of the cemetery manager but in a prompt and efficient manner.

G. There will be no responsibility on the part of the city for the protection and maintenance of flowers, wreaths, emblems, etc. used in conjunction with funerals.

H. The interment of two bodies in one grave will not be allowed, except in the case of a mother and infant, twin children, two children buried at the same time, or in special circumstances with the approval of the cemetery manager. From one to four cremains will be allowed on a single gravesite. Combined vault space shall not exceed seven feet six inches in multiple interments. (Ord. 6258 º6, 2002; Ord. 5558 º6, 1995; Ord. 3123 ºI(part), 1970; Prior code º13.25 Rule I F).


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