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2.84.080 Rules for Visitors

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2.84.080 Rules for visitors

Visiting rules shall be as follows:

A. The cemetery will be open to visitors at all times between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and one-half hour after the official sunset. Permission to enter the cemetery at any other time must be obtained from the cemetery manager or the police department.

B. Persons or picnic parties, with refreshments, will not be admitted, unless permitted by the cemetery manager.

C. Dogs will only be allowed in the cemeteries when confined in a vehicle.

D. Firearms will not be allowed in the cemetery except in conjunction with military funerals. At all other times, firearms, bows and arrows, slingshots, and other like articles will not be allowed.

E. Visitors are required to use the walks and drives whenever possible, and shall not pick any flowers (either wild or cultivated), injure any shrub, tree, or plant, or mar or deface any monument, stone, or structure in the cemetery.

F. Vehicles traveling within the cemetery shall not exceed 5 miles per hour. For purposes of this ordinance, vehicles shall include cars, trucks, bicycles, and motorcycles. Vehicular travel within the cemeteries by visitors shall be limited to asphalt and gravel roadways. (Ord. 6258 º5, 2002; Ord. 5558 º5, 1995; Ord. 3123 ºI(part), 1970; Prior code º13.25 Rule I E).

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