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Todd Bohrer, Parking Administrator

Parking Utility

Operation & Maintenance

The Parking Utility provides for the operation & maintenance of:

  • Downtown parking ramps
  • City-owned parking
  • On-street parking meters


The Police Department provides enforcement of all parking regulations.


Downtown Parking

If you’re looking to make a quick stop downtown or planning to stay a while, the City has parking options for you. The Downtown Parking Map (pdf) summarizes parking regulations. In general, all metered and on-street two-hour parking downtown is enforced from 6 am to 6 pm, 7 days a week. Permit parking is enforced during the week based on posted times of parking lots. Most municipal parking lots have free parking after 5 pm during the week in the permit parking stalls. The information below summarizes the downtown parking by Free Parking, On-Street Parking, Metered Parking & Permit Parking. Call Engineering at 715-839-4934 with any questions about parking locations, various parking options or general parking questions. 

  • Free Parking – There are several options for free parking. Some lots provide longer restricted time frames during the week, and some lots have no restrictions during evenings or on weekends.
    • Forest Street Lot: 4-hour limit from 9 am – 5 pm Mon-Fri, Sat & Sun
    • Railroad Lot: 6 pm to 6 am
    • Riverview Lot: Free in permit stalls 5 pm – 7 am Mon-Fri, Sat & Sun
    • Barstow Street (Four Corners) Lot: 2-hour limit 9 am  – 5 pm Mon-Fri
    • Farwell Street Lot: Free in Permit Stalls 5 pm – 7 am Mon-Fri, Sat & Sun
    • Schlegelmilch-McDaniel Lot: Free Daily Parking
    • Riverside Parking Deck: Free in Permit Stalls 5 pm – 7 am Mon-Fri, Sat & Sun
    • Seaver Street Lot: 6 pm – 6 am Mon-Fri, Sat & Sun
    • On-Street: 6 pm to 2 am

  • On-Street Parking – On-street parking in the downtown area is restricted to 2-hour parking between the hours of 6 am and 6 pm. This allows for quick stops at a store, restaurant, or business. On-street parking is free between the hours of 6 pm and 2 am; there is no on-street parking in the downtown area between 2am and 6am. Watch for signage to provide guidance of on-street parking.

  • Metered Parking – Adjacent to the public library and in several of the downtown parking lots, metered parking is available. Meters are enforced 6 am to 6 pm, except holidays. Meters are $0.25/hr with exception of the Riverside Parking Deck and the Farwell Street\Gibson Street ramp, which are $0.50/hr.
    • Railroad Street Lot: 72 - 12-hour meters
    • Library Parking Lot: 22 - 2-hour meters
    • Riverview Lot: 16 - 4-hour meters
    • Farwell Street Lot: 6 - 10-hour meters & 3 - 2-hour meters
    • Transfer Center Lot: 45 - 4-hour meters
    • Riverside Parking Deck: 13 - 4-hour meters
    • Farwell Street\Gibson Street Parking Ramp: 305 stalls - $8 (24-hour max)
    • Seaver Street Lot: 24 - 8-hour meters

  • Permit Parking – There are several options available for longer term parking downtown, all of which can be purchased at City Hall. Permit fees are dependent on location and type of permit being purchased.
    • Municipal Permit, provides access to park in multiple lots and on-street
      • Railroad Lot
      • Farwell Street Lot
      • Seaver Street Lot
    • Riverside Parking Deck, Upper or Lower Level
    • Riverview Parking Lot
    • Farwell/Gibson Street Parking Ramp
    • North Barstow Street Parking Ramp