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Specialty Units

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The Eau Claire Police Department has multiple specialty units that are comprised of officers, detectives and supervisors that have advanced interest and training in each respective area. Assignments to these specialize units are in addition to the their daily work assignments.


Specialty Units:

  • Crash Reconstruction Team

The Crash Reconstruction Team investigates all fatal and many serious crashes within the City of Eau Claire. Members of this team have advanced training above and beyond the standard accident investigation training all officers receive to become more specialized in gathering information needed to accurately reconstruct crashes. These trained technicians take extra steps to ensure that the proper data is captured and documented in the event it becomes necessary to reconstruct an accident at a later date. The Crash Reconstruction Team also works closely with the Crime Scene Unit on major cases that require digital mapping of the scene.

  • Crime Scene Unit

The Crime Scene Unit processes crime scenes, secures and collects evidence. Members of this team have advanced training in forensic science. They are called upon to process crime scenes to gather evidence. Some of the many aspects of processing a crime scene involve computer mapping, latent fingerprint development, DNA collection, and photography. Within the Crime Scene Unit are Lab Technicians. Lab Technicians work in the evidence lab examining evidence that was collected from crime scenes. Lab Technicians are highly trained and use advanced forensic examination techniques and equipment. The Crime Scene Unit has a response vehicle that is outfitted with the equipment and supplies needed to process major crime scenes.

  • Crisis Negotiation Team

The Crisis Negotiation Team is a team of officers who are trained to talk with suicidal persons, barricaded persons, or hostage takers in high-risk situations with the goal of resolving situations peacefully. Although negotiation is the preferred method of resolution, the Crisis Negotiation Team also works closely with the Eau Claire Police Department’s Tactical Response Team. All members of the team have completed a Basic Hostage Negotiation Training Program and many have completed additional specialized training programs.

  • Honor Guard

The Honor Guard formally represents the Eau Claire Police Department at numerous events including department ceremonies, law enforcement recruit graduations, law enforcement funerals, sporting events, Special Olympics events and more. All honor guard members are trained in the professional and ceremonial protocols involved with these events.

  • Police Training Officers (PTOs)

Police Training Officers are responsible for training new officers during the initial phases of their career. PTOs ride along and supervise the probationary officers while also educating them on the processes of being a police officer in the City of Eau Claire. 

  • Tactical Response Team

The Tactical Response Team (SWAT Team) is trained to deal with high risk or situations involving individuals who are likely to be violent or armed. These officers participate in monthly training that prepares them for handling such things as hostage situations, barricaded persons, suicidal individuals, terrorist threats, etc. These officers are well equipped and well trained to handle a wide variety of circumstances.

  • Technical Services Unit 

The Technical Services Unit is trained and equipped to provide surveillance through camera set-ups, GPS devices and other technology.