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Telecommunicator Jobs

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Shift Work

The Eau Claire Emergency Center is staffed 24 hours a day with minimum staffing of 3 telecommunicators on duty at one time. A telecommunicator's workday is 8hr and 15 min long. Telecommunicators work five days have three days off, and then work five days have two days off. Their shifts are also rotated every 28 days through three shifts: midnight, days, and afternoons.


Unless actively recruiting for the position, the City of Eau Claire does not accept applications for Telecommunicators. When actively recruiting, the position is posted in the local newspaper as well as the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Bulletin. The hiring process will eventually form an up-to-date eligibility list for future hires. Applications and information may be obtained from The City of Eau Claire Human Resources Department.

General Duties

Simultaneously use a computer aided dispatch system while receiving emergency calls for service from the public whether requesting emergency medical, police, fire, or other service. Confirm the nature and location of the emergency, determine priorities, and dispatch necessary emergency units in accordance with established procedures. Transmit and receive messages to and from user agencies via public safety radios, 9-1-1 emergency telephone lines, data terminals and other communications equipment. Monitor several complex public safety radio frequencies.

Maintain contact, status, and location with all units on assignment. Answer non-emergency calls for assistance. Provide public with severe weather alertness through outdoor warning system. Effectively operate the public safety communications system, video display monitors, radio dispatch consoles, and other associated equipment.

Inquire, enter, update, interpret, verify, receive and disseminate information from national, state, and local law enforcement computer networks as requested by user agencies.


All applicants are subject to a criminal background check. Typical applicants are high school graduates or have GED certificate with knowledge of computers, proficient typing speed, ability to speak clearly, and be courteous to co-workers as well as public contacts.

Once your application has been reviewed and selected, the testing process begins. Those applicants will be scheduled for a written test. Upon successful completion, the next step will be a simulated console test. Both of these tests involve utilizing listening, memory, map reading, and multitasking skills. Some portions of the tests are timed and reflect the "on the job" stress to perform accurately and quickly while making decisions. Successful applicants will be placed on the eligibility list. When an opening arises, individuals will be selected for the final stage of hiring which is the interview process.


The training required for the position is mostly acquired by on the job training. Individuals will complete at least 16-18 weeks of on the job training. In addition, the City of Eau Claire will provide the employee with EMD, TIME, and CPR training. Emergency Medical Dispatch training (EMD) is the protocol used to dispatch appropriate emergency units in a medical emergency related to 9-1-1 calls. The Transaction of Information for Management of Enforcement (TIME) is a shared information base and computerized communications system used on day to day basis by all law enforcement agencies. EMD, TIME, and CPR all require re-certification once the initial course is passed.


The annual pay range for telecommunicators as of July 1, 2012 is $35,047 to $43,228. Starting at $17.45 per hour. Once the telecommunicator has completed six months, they are eligible for other benefits like health insurance, deferred compensation, and Wisconsin Retirement Fund. The telecommunicator is not off probationary status until one year after hire date.