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Police Officer

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Selection of police officers for the City of Eau Claire entails a process of choosing only the best qualified and professional persons for employment. The ideal applicant is a responsible individual with the ability to communicate effectively with the public.

If you are interested in employment as a police officer with the City of Eau Claire, please see the application information below.

Equal Opportunity Employer.


Persons interested in employment with the Police Department must first meet the following qualifications:

EDUCATION / EXPERIENCE: Graduate of an applicable accredited high school (or proof of high school equivalency, such as GED certificate.) An applicant with the Eau Claire Police Department shall possess a minimum of 60 post high school semester credits at the time of appointment.

VALID U.S. DRIVERS LICENSE: Must be listed on the application at the time of application.

CITIZENSHIP: United States citizenship and/or proof of naturalization are required. Persons born outside of the United States or its possessions must show proof of citizenship at the time of application.

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New officers must complete Recruit School Training, Department Orientation, and Police Training Officer before they are given an Assigned Position with the department. Once an officer is becomes certified they are considered a Probationary Officer.

  • RECRUIT SCHOOL: The Eau Claire Police Department and State of Wisconsin have established rigid qualifications to ensure that its officers are the best trained and qualified individuals available to serve the public’s needs. Officers of the Eau Claire Police Department are required to have completed a competency-based law enforcement basic recruit training program in accordance with state law. The basic recruit training is provided locally at the Chippewa Valley Technical College in Eau Claire as well as several other locations throughout the state. Recruit officers will complete a very comprehensive competency-based-instruction training program. Officers will receive instruction in State and Federal laws, arrest procedures, firearms, emergency vehicle driving, domestic abuse laws, as well as many other duties. Many officer candidates come with this training already completed.

  • ORIENTATION: After the successful completion of Recruit School, the probationary police officer begins the orientation process with the Eau Claire Police Department Training Officer.

  • FIELD TRAINING PROGRAM: Following Recruit School and orientation, the probationary officer will be assigned to Police Training Officer(s) who evaluate the performance and progress of the new officer with a field supervisor. The probationary officer will learn departmental procedures and policies, become acquainted with the court system, and receive intense practical experience with on-the-job training. Emphasis is placed on high standards of personal discipline, integrity, appearance, and conduct. A probationary officer generally works with the Police Training Officer(s) for a period of 14 weeks.

  • ASSIGNMENT: Upon successful completion of the Field Training Program, the probationary police officer remains assigned to the Patrol Division. During an officer’s career, opportunities for transfer to other assignments within the department may occur, but none are more challenging and rewarding than that of the officer on patrol.

  • PROBATIONARY PERIOD: If a new employee is currently certified by the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Standards Board, the departmental probationary period is twelve months, beginning on the date of appointment. If a new employee is not certified, the probationary period begins on the date of appointment and extends twelve months after the date of certification. This period shall not exceed eighteen months from the date of appointment.

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Application Information

If you are interested in employment as a Police Officer with the City of Eau Claire, click on the link below for our Job Opportunities page. From within the Job Opportunities page, please do one of the following: 1) Select the "Job Interest Cards" link at the top of the page, check the law enforcement box, and complete and submit the form; or 2) Select the "Job Descriptions" link at the top of the page, select the "Police Officer" position, select "E-mail when jobs like this become available," and complete and submit the form.

If you have completed one of the options above, you will be e-mailed when the recruitment begins. Once you receive the e-mail notifying you that the recruitment is active, you will need to return to the Job Opportunities page and submit an application. Please contact Human Resources at (715) 839-4921 if you have any questions.

Questions about the Police Department can be directed to the Special Services Bureau at (715) 839-4993.

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Wages & Benefits

The annual pay range for police Patrol Officers and Detectives effective July 2010, is $44,000 to $55,000, with the maximum pay range occurring after a series of five steps over a five year period. There is also an additional $.50 per hour shift differential for the midnight shift.

Benefits include:

  • Health and Life Insurance (after 6 months of employment) 
  • State of Wisconsin Retirement Plan (after 6 months of employment) 
  • 8 Paid Holidays per Year 
  • 10-25 days of Paid Vacation per Year (based on years of service) 
  • Sick, Funeral, Military, and Family leaves available 
  • Educational Incentive Pay Plan 
  • Longevity Pay 
  • Compensatory Time available per Union Contract
The Wisconsin Professional Police Association (WPPA) represents all non-supervisory officers.

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Selection Process

The process for selecting new officers includes Testing, Interviews, Background Checks, Physical Testing, Psychological Testing, and Chemical Testing. After filing an application with Human Resources, you will be notified when testing will begin.


  • WRITTEN EXAMINATION: All applicants must first take a multiple choice examination that includes both a cognitive (i.e. problem solving) component, as well as an attitude/personality component. This will be followed by a short written exercise, which serves as a means of assessing the ability of the applicant to express his or her thoughts in a meaningful way under time constraints. Each portion of the written examination will be timed and the entire test will be completed in under two (2) hours.

  • PHYSICAL APTITUDE TEST: Immediately following the written examination, all candidates will be assigned a time slot they will participate in the Physical Aptitude Test, which will be held on the same day as the written examination. The Physical Aptitude Test has six (6) pass/fail categories. The candidate must pass each event to advance on to the next phase of the hiring process.

Since both the Written Examination and Physical Aptitude Test are conducted on the same day, and because there may not be an appropriate venue to change clothing, applicants should arrive at the Written Examination dressed in their athletic apparel.

Those passing the first two steps will be notified of the dates and times for the Personality Evaluation / 1st Oral Interview.


  • PERSONALITY EVALUATION / 1ST ORAL INTERVIEW: Applicants who pass the Written Examination and the Physical Aptitude Test will advance to the next step of the selection process: the Personality Evaluation and Oral Interview. The Personality Evaluation will be administered just prior to the applicant’s Oral Interview and may be used at a later point in the selection process. The Oral Interview will be conducted by the Police and Fire Commission as well as designated members of the Eau Claire Police Department. Candidates who successfully complete the oral interview will be placed on an Eligibility List which is certified by the Police and Fire Commission. The names on the list are not ranked in any way.

  • ELIGIBILITY LIST: Upon certification of the Eligibility List, a copy of the list and application information will be forwarded to the Eau Claire Police Department. The Chief of Police will make appointments to the Department from this list. From this point forward, the Police Department is responsible for further applicant assessment when positions become available. The eligibility list remains in effect until the Chief of Police requests a new hiring process. 


  • 2ND ORAL INTERVIEW: When the Eau Claire Police Department is ready to fill a vacant position, Department staff members will review applicant information and schedule a second oral interview for those individuals being considered for hire at that time. 

  • BACKGROUND INVESTIGATION: Prior to any appointment, a detailed background investigation on the applicant will be conducted by the Eau Claire Police Department. Applicants will first be given a Personal History Statement packet that must be completed. The investigation will also include an Integrity Interview with the applicant, a check on criminal history and traffic records, present and past employment, educational achievements, recommendations from acquaintances, and numerous other reference checks.

  • FURTHER TESTING: Prior to employment, candidates will be required to participate and successfully pass a polygraph examination, psychological evaluation, chemical substance screening test, and a physical/medical evaluation. All tests will be at the expense of the City of Eau Claire.

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